Sims Urban Oasis

Choosing the right apartments to farm

If you’re into farming apartments then you should already know that it can be quite a profitable experience when you choose the right residential complex. But, make the wrong decision and you could end up losing quite a bit of money too. What do you keep an eye out for? Here are a few suggestions:

Size: The size of the residential property you want to farm is a very important factor. You should ensure it is large enough to generate sufficient interest while not being so large that your apartments are lost in the crowd. Try properties that have 300-500 units for the best results.

Rent: How much would you be able to rent out the apartments for? Ideally, it should be in the mid to high range. You shouldn’t be looking at those who rent at the bottom since they may not be able to afford a house until their financial position picks up. They would probably switch to a better rental before deciding to buy a house.

Amenities: Does the property come with a swimming pool or a playground? Will a family be able to enjoy themselves here? Anyone who buys a home does so keeping the amenities on offer inside the property in mind.

Location: Where is the property? Is it conveniently located? Is it too far? What about schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. No one wants to be too far from them. Staying around them is certainly a plus and is something people would be willing to pay more for.

You may feel like there’s other stuff for you to consider as well but this is more than enough to help you get started with apartment farming. You will obviously get better as you gain more experience. If you want to start off with a safe bet then my only recommendation would be Sims Urban Oasis.